Payment solutions

Payment solutions

Liquid Telecom Payments provides electronic payment and POS solutions for Africa’s financial and retail sectors. From automating transactions to authenticating and processing the payment cycle from start to finish.

Established in 1992 as TPS (Transaction Payment Solutions), we were acquired by the Liquid Telecom Group in 2007, and have expert Payments teams in Botswana, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, as well as software development centres in Harare and London.

With years of experience supplying the African market we understand the issues you may face, and can work with you - from advising best practice to implementing the end-to-end solution that's right for your business.

This experience, and our network of local teams, has enabled us to become the region's leading payment solution provider, with clients including Africa's largest banks, retailers and financial institutions.

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Branch Banking

Our Branch Banking product enables high-street banks to speed up client identification and transaction processing by authentication of cardholders via PIN at personal banker, enquiries counters and teller stations.

We provide an application that resides on the S300 PINpad and a detailed API document that helps the banks' IT teams to integrate the core banking platform with the PINpad.

Merchant Solutions

We offer a full range of POS terminals and PINpads that support diverse communication protocols and different industry needs. By understanding your requirements and applying our expertise, we can provide the end-to-end payment solution that's right for your business.

ATM Services

In addition to providing ATM machines to banks and financial institutions across Africa, we offer ATM services such as installation, a dedicated repair centre, ATM training, support and trouble shooting. So you can provide a quality ATM service to your customers without the worry.

Integrated Retail

Our Till Integration product is designed specifically for multi-lane retailers who need an easy way to implement a secure integrated payment solution catering for Chip and PIN and Magstripe cards. It integrates easily into the retailer's till system and is both EMV and PCI compliant.

  • We provide an application that resides on the till. The retailer's till system interfaces to our application via a simple API*.
  • The till system instructs Till Integration to process a transaction.
  • Till Integration manages the communication to both the PINpad and the acquiring bank, responding with the authorisation from the bank and the details to print on the receipts.

The following would need to be implemented by the retailer on the till system:

  • Development of an interface between the till system and Till Integration
  • Functionality to print the merchant and cardholder receipts.

Alternatively, we can provide an additional application that enables the retailer to capture the amount to be sent to Till Integration and print merchant and cardholder receipts.


  • Windows-based till system – Vista or higher
  • USB Port
  • 1GB RAM
  • Pentium 4 processor or equivalent
  • Network communications to payment gateway

* A technical specification for this API is available for development and integration purposes.

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Transaction Processing

Liquid Telecom Payments runs and manages its own active/active payment switching and transaction processing platform, which can be utilised by banks and retailers from a number of channels. It's fully EMV compliant and conforms to PDI DSS standards. Transactions are accepted from stand-alone POS terminals, integrated host-to-host retail stores, eCommerce transactions, batch submissions and ATMs.

Our customers rely on us for fund settlement, full financial reporting and management information. We're also able to do switching and stand-in authorisations.

Stratus FT Server System

We are resellers of the world's leading fault tolerant server systems. In today's always-on world, even the smallest amount of application downtime can have a big impact. Stratus's solutions enable rapid deployment of always-on infrastructures, from enterprise servers to clouds, without any changes to applications. The products – software and platforms – combined with people and services enable the prevention of downtime before it occurs, and ensure uninterrupted 24/7/365 performance of essential business operations.

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